We collected for you the most frequently asked questions:

Is it necessary to register for the tour?

For individual visitors (under 10 people) registration is not possible. We provide guided tours in English every full hour. You can purchase your ticket on a first-come, first-served basis on the day of the visit on the spot, we advise you to arrive minimum 20 minutes before the program.

Groups (from 10 to 14 people) are required to make a reservation in advance (minimum 2 days prior) and they can join our regular tours, or can pay for VIP tours. Regular 60 minutes long English guided tours depart every full hour, groups are limited to 25 people.

Groups from 15 people also have to make a reservation (via registration on our website minimum 2 workdays before the day of the visit), they get 10% discount and an appointment separated from our individual visitors.

Is it possible to walk around on my own in the museum?

Because of safety measures it is not possible to freely walk around without the supervision of the guide. Individual visitors join the departing groups. 60 minutes long guided tours depart every hour on the hour during opening hours. There is no extra fee for the English guide as the service is included in the ticket price.

How long is the tour?

The tour takes about 60 minutes. It covers whole facility: the historical wartime hospital and the machinery as well.

Is it possible to buy the ticket online on the same day I plan my visit?

Yes, we will close the online booking option for the tour 30 minutes before the start of the programme. After this time, available places can be booked on site in the order of arrival.

How many times can I use my ticket?

You can use your ticket once.

What shall I do if my credit card payment failed?

In case of a transaction failure, please give it another try with the same credit card again by repeating the whole procedure of ticket purchase.

What shall I do if I bought my ticket in advance online, but I can not take part at the tour?

In accordance with Hungarian law, it is not possible to withdraw online tickets for a given date and time, or time period. Please exchange tickets in advance only if you are sure you can participate in the program.

What is the temperature inside?

The temperature is between 15-18 degrees Celsius all year. During the summer it may feel cold, so you are free to bring an extra jumper or buy military clothing in the souvenir shop. Authentic coats (capes) are also available on the spot and are free of charge.

May I use my mobile inside?

We are 15 meters underground shielded by one meter thick concrete walls. As a consequence there is no signal inside and no one will disturb you here.

In what language are the guided tours given?

Tours are guided in Hungarian and English, but you can take an audio guide at the entrance in French, Italian, German, Russian or Spanish if you need so.

Tours in other languages (German, Italian, Spanish, French) may be organized upon advance request at additional cost.

Can I pay with credit card?

We accept all kind of credit cards except for American Express and Diners Club.

Can I take photos during the tour?

No, you cannot. Taking photos, videos and voice records are not allowed. It disturbs others, slows down the group and gives the chance to get lost or injured in the facility. It also makes impossible for the guide to maintain the speed and quality of the presentation and take care of the visitors in case of emergency. Please adhere the rules for your own safety.

Can children visit the museum?

We think that children under 12 years old are vulnerable to the explicit view of blood and suffering. Therefore the entry for children under 6 years is NOT ALLOWED, and it is NOT RECOMMENDED for visitors under 12 years. Children under 12 years can take the tour for their own responsibility and in case of having parental guidance and supervision.

Can disabled people visit the museum?

The hospital part can be visited with wheelchair or other mobility aid equipment. The machinery-part is not safe and not available with wheelchair due to the many steps, narrow doors and zigzagged corridors. The facility was built to be a bunker and underground hospital in the 1940s, and not to be a museum. As a result, the institution is not totally accessible, therefore people with disabilities can only access the three-quarter of the exhibition.

Do journalists and tour guides get free admission?

In basic cases, they do not get free admission.

For tour guides in the case of a contractual relationship (if they bring groups), they can participate on the tour for free.

For journalists in case of any planned publication (if they write article about the Hospital in the Rock), we provide free, private visit. To acquire a free access they have to contact us via email (marketing@hospitalintherock.eu) minimum 2 workdays before their arrival.  The publication of the article have to be checked by our marketing manager before it is published.

Is the museum open on Mondays?

Yes, the museum is open on Mondays all year during opening hours. The last entry is at 7 p.m. every day.

Can I bring a dog to the Hospital in the Rock?

No, with the exception of guide dogs, no animals can be taken into the underground museum. Thank you for your understanding!